The Amazing Environmental Air Sponge

People don’t just love the Environmental Air Sponge--they swear by it!

"Remembering when you and one of your sales representatives came into my store sometime this past summer is not as clear as hearing customers comment on the benefits of your Air Sponge. I was somewhat skeptical myself, however, after trying it and more important enjoying the sales results made a lot of people satisfied. We initially purchased 3 cases and a floor display and after three repeats, we decided to add another floor display and buy the 1 pound units as well as the 1/2 pound. People are buying this for their homes, businesses, and it does eat up every possible odor. It is simply fantastic and we wanted to say thank you for coming into our store and selling us on this product.
--Steve Clayton, Shelburne Supermarket, Shelburne, VT

"My husband and I have lived full time in our motor home for over a year. In the past we have had trouble with musty smells within our small space. Also keeping the refrigerator smelling fresh has been a big problem. Since we purchased the environmental Air Sponge we have not had that problem. I keep one in the refrigerator, under the kitchen sink and in the bathroom. It eliminates all those unwanted odors and everything smells fresh. They are long lasting and easy to use, just open it up and smells disappear. I´d recommend the Air Sponge to anyone wanting to keep their house smelling clean and fresh.
--Sheryl Bainter, Independence, OR

Even intense odors such as solvents, paints, pollutants, and fumes are no match for the Environmental Air Sponge:

On Easter morning, about four hours before family arrived, I spilled paint remover in my kitchen cabinet. The entire living room, dining room and kitchen area smelled like paint remover. I decided to give the Air Sponge a try. I simply took off the lid and placed it in the cabinet. By the time our company arrived, the odor was gone. Thank you for saving our Easter!
--Donald Rabideau, Valley Construction, Morrisonville, NY

I own and operate a shoe and boot repair shop and use lots of different glues, solvents and other “smelly” stuff. I recently bought the environmental Sponge to see if that would work in getting rid of these smells. I have used other “air cleaners and odor reducers” and they did not work so I was expecting this to be the same. I was very shocked when this product not only got rid of litter box odor but also glue, solvents, rubber and leather odors also. I love this product!!!
--Michelle Wolff, Portland, OR

...our office had been visited by a skunk twice in one week. The smell was dreadful. We resolved the skunk problem but were left with a terrible lingering skunk smell and employees were complaining. We decided to give the Air Sponge a try and were surprised to find that the next day the smell was gone. Everyone was very pleased to walk into an “odor free” office in the morning. We are very satisfied with the results and will continue to use your product.
--Dawn M. Collins, Twin State Telephone, Plattsburgh, NY



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