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The Amazing Environmental AirSponge Eliminates Odor& SmellsApproved GSA Schedule

The Environmental Air Sponge is an amazing technological odor removal product that miraculously eliminates the toughest and most persistent odors!

The Environmental AirSponge is not merely a deodorant! It removes odors . There’s a big difference. Deodorants simply cover up unpleasant odors with a strong perfume-like scent, acting as pollutants themselves.

The Environmental AirSponge cleans the air, removing odors. The power behind the Environmental Air Sponge is a dynamic technological breakthrough. It works by dissolving into the air, releasing microscopic molecules that interact with and eliminate odors and pollutant molecules as well as dust control.

The Environmental AirSponge absorbs microscopic pollutant odor suspended in air and eradicates them--plus a high proportion of dust molecules. The Environmental Air Sponge works continuously for fresher, healthier air! A standard 8 oz. disc will remove common odor problems caused by: The Amazing AirSponge removes odor

  • Tobacco smoke
  • Diapers
  • Pets
  • Cafeterias
  • Kitchens
  • Paint and varnish fumes
  • Gasoline
  • Solvents
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Humidity
  • Mold, mildew and decay
  • Even skunks!

Available in 8 oz., 1lb., and 4 lb. sizes and larger, the Environmental AirSponge can be used for a broad range of applications and odor elimination, such as:

  • Everyday household use
  • Large-scale industrial uses such as sewer gas treatment facilities
  • Hospitals, municipal buses, subways, airlines, hotels
  • Fire restoration

The Environmental Air Sponge is so effective, it doesn’t stop at just cleaning the air. It also eliminates persistent odors lingering in:

  • Clothing
  • Carpet
  • Drapes
  • Upholstery

The power of the Environmental Air Sponge to stop odor extends far beyond everyday residential use. It will eradicate the toughest odors in the harshest of environments. Just see what these customers have to say to remove smells:

We recently had a fire in our restaurant, Phil´s in Hanson, Massachusetts. The fire caused considerable smoke throughout both floors of the restaurant. . .the smoke odor was horrendous and we welcomed anything that might help to clean the air. You see we were working in this atmosphere, preparing inventories of damages to food and equipment, and the smoke odor would get to you after a while. . .a few containers of Air Sponge in the dining area where we were working and a couple in the basement at the source of the fire. Within a couple of days the air quality improved a great deal and within a week the smoke odor was practically gone. Air Sponge worked fantastically. In the future, we plan to use Air Sponge in the smoking section to control stale cigarette smell as well as the lingering cooking odors that hang around after the food is long gone. I think you have a great product that rids the environment of unwanted odors better than anything I have seen or heard of.
--Marvin Novak, Phil´s, Hanson, MA

We just started using the Sponge in our Pet Shop. Our customers are constantly commenting on how much improved the smell in our shop is now. We use the Sponge in the store front, the grooming room and the breeding area. It works better than anything we have used.
--Mary E. Paulson, Pampered Pet Center

"Recently I had the opportunity to sample the Air Sponge. Within 24 hours of its distribution to various hospital wards, I was contacted by the nursing staff requesting additional product. The nurses are extremely pleased with its ability to extinguish a variety of unpleasant odors including blood, stool, urine, emesis and infected wounds. The Air Sponge deodorizes hospital rooms more effectively than previously tried products and the nurses continue to praise it.
--Christine E. Szarka, M.D., Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, PA

We originally used the product in fire restoration, both industrial and residential, and have found no other product to completely remove smoke odors from duct systems. In houses, it has been extremely effective for woodburning stoves where the inefficient draft causes residual odor in the residence. . .Animal odors from dogs, cats and even skunks have been treated effectively with the Air Sponge. Most recently, we have expanded the market for the Air Sponge in wastewater treatment facilities. This also lends itself to sewer gases that leak into residences as well. We have found that a corrosive hydrogen sulfide generated in wastewater plants is eliminated by the Air Sponge. We feel that its various uses are only limited by our imagination.
--James Heffer, E.S.C.A. Industries Ltd., Hatfield, PA.

And the Environmental Air Sponge doesn’t even cower in the face of the most overwhelming, putrid, lingering odors, such as fish, cigarette smoke, and skunk:

About three years ago, we turned the refrigerator off in our motor home to store it for the winter. Unfortunately, we forgot there was fish in the freezer and didn’t find out until several months later what a lasting effect they have. For the past few years we have tried everything to get the smell out, including baking soda, bleach, and anything on the market that promised to absorb the odor. Needless to say, nothing worked until a friend recommended we try the Air Sponge. We couldn’t believe it, but within a week of placing the air sponge in the freezer, the fish smell had vanished! The freezer continues to be fresh smelling, without a trace of the odor, even when it’s been turned off for several months.
--Gary and Stephanie Keys, Keizer, Oregon

The Environmental Air Sponge can even be used to help prevent sick building syndrome odors, which is caused by pollutants or biological contaminants that can lead to illness:

Over the years our children have suffered from almost constant respiratory problems. In the past year we discovered a doctor who was able to diagnose the problem. MOLD! He loaned us an ozonator for one week and we immediately saw that his diagnosis was correct. The kids felt better, acted more alert, and even I noticed the difference. Alas, we did not have the funds to purchase one of those nifty machines and became discouraged when the symptoms of poor air quality came back. It was then that a visiting relative told me about, and gave me, an Air Sponge. It did the same incredible job of clearing out the offending substances for a great deal less!!! That foggy feeling I used to get when I sat at the dining room table helping children with their lessons is no longer a problem with the Air Sponge!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!! for creating a product that can offer this Mom relief so quickly and well, and at such a reasonable price.
--Mrs. Ron Dutilly, Greene, RI

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Nature's Instant AirSponge 4oz. Spray for quick solutions to eliminate odors and smells!
To use the Environmental Air Sponge Odor Eliminator, all you do is remove the lid and place it in the affected area. That’s it. It initially delivers a pleasant soap smell that dissipates after a few days. For more than 300 square feet or stronger smells, just use two or a larger size.

It’s that simple!
And the Environmental Air Sponge is completely:

  • Environmentally safe
  • Non-toxic
  • Biodegradable
  • Odorless And in 4 to 6 weeks after the Environmental AirSponge has done its job, you can even pop the dried disc into your vacuum cleaner bag to help freshen the odors in the air while you vacuum!

If you are unsatisfied with our odor product for any reason, simply return it within 30 days and we will completely refund your money in full, minus shipping and handling. That’s how confident we are that you’ll love the amazing Environmental AirSponge! To order now - click here.

International Customers

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